Thursday, September 4, 2008

current obsessions.

Gah! So I'm sure most of you are all facing the same school-work-life balancing act so I figured I'd post something [somewhat] related to each!

I found this neat site Free Rice  which is basically a triva site but every time you get an answer right they donate 10 grains of rice as an effort to stop world hunger. Seem
s like very little but when you get frustrated in an attempt to get to level 10 on the "famous paintings" subject you realize how many thousands of grains you've added. The subjects are from english vocabulary to famous paintings (art history dorks unite! paintings mainly from post impressionism/impressionism/renassaince) and learning languages (German! Fuck yeah!) I find this especially fun on the train/bus whatever when I'm bored using my phone. 

So this isn't so work related per-se but I heard this song for the first time AT work on the American Apparel internet radio do-hickey Viva. Every since then I've been obsessed. Perhaps its just because the 
band name is "Neon Neon". 
Either way, listen, hate on me, then secretly love it. :D
Okay  I know this is really cheesy but I've 
been so busy lately that I forgot how beautiful sunsets were in Miami and as I was taking my leisurely stroll home from the train I got to notice it. I'll be like the postcard for Miami saying come here! visit me! Save me from... I don't know. Anywho I snapped a picture from my iphone.

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