Sunday, August 31, 2008

Man bunzz is sickies :(

My fluffy little man started having health issues last week when he began screaming like the invisible dinosaurs in The Sound of Horror. This prompted some chaos and confusion but the vet came and told me that my Sid Vicious was actually a Nancy Spungen and that she probably just had gas... or cancer. No biggie right? 
Well He had surgery and the vet called me later to say she had "squeezed a penis out" and that "it had been in hiding"... strange... and that his  problem was just with bladder sediment. 
Well now he has an abscess where his unnecessary spaying surgery (oh yeah they tried to neuter him, as a girl) and he smells funny and every bunny clinic is closed for the holiday :( 

Update: the vet came back and she took him up with her and sewed his abscess together but then was claiming that he "appeared to be on hallucinogenic drugs" and was running away from things that weren't there and afraid of nothing.   My poor baby! he's staying the night for observation. 

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