Wednesday, August 27, 2008

ella come home

This post is in memory of vampirella. She may never come home again once those college kids get their filthy hands on her. Missssssssss you! in other news this post is not about anything but I might as well mention the beautiful items I purchased at sephora yesterday since I recommend all of them (sorry boys)
- the bare minerals starter kit rulezzzz
-the dry shampoo spray by rene furterer is ultra fabulous for people who dont wash their hair like me
-lip venom lip balm is addictive, I cant get enough
-the clinique makeup brush cleaner works wonders. ok that is all.
Damn I hate the school year, it makes me realize im not doing anything with my life
rip summer

1 comment:

vampirella said...

OOohh tana that is just so beautiful m<3333333333 butdont worry iwont be gone long i dont trust their evil mind trickz. xoxo