Saturday, November 22, 2008

Spare time for a cellmate?

I wonder if anyone we know is on this website- if not now then definitely one day. Send one of these refined(confined) ladies or gentlemen a letter. Be sure to spray it with perfume and leave a locket of your body hair(they like that shit.)

Joseph Foster #75808
Camp J, Shark 2/R #12
Louisiana State Penitentiary
Angola, LA. 70712

Death sentence on installment plan. Two life sentences, plus 99 years consecutively, without parole. Down for murder, two kidnappings, armed robbery and burglary.

Paralegal and well read. 'Nam era Marine. Country man, who's witnessed the city lights. Love outdoors, riding horses, hunting, fishing, watching a log burn on the fireplace, dining out, watching movies, cooking on a pit and many other activities. I skin and sky dive, snow and water ski, play tennis, poker, etc. Haven't had a personal visit, mail or phone call in approximately 13 years. Successful Businessman prior to imprisonment. Do hobbycraft woodwork, leather and jewelry making.

Actually innocent of crimes convicted of. Killed in self defense and ran like hell from the cops. I'm still attempting to prove this fact. Was kidnapped and robbed, killing my abductor. My wife fell apart on me, went to drinking and in 18 months had lost, sold and given away our assets and died. My family is either dead or long ago forgotten who I am.

Without help, I'm destined to die and be buried here in prison. I've got 5,000 inmates to talk to, but looking for more than a conversationist. No games please, none desired by you.

Race: White
Date of Birth: 5-22-52
Release Date: Death
Height: 6'2"
Religion: Christian
Do you smoke? Nope
Would you like letters from both sexes? Yes, both
Education: Associates Degree
Occupation before prison: Owned 2 business; Gangster
Activities in prison: Hobbycraft, legal writing, staying in trouble, etc.

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